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Re: Printing and Ledger paper type.


On 02/26/2012 06:44 AM, Alexander Zakamaldin wrote:
> Hi.
> I am working on printing issues for gtk based Kicad at present time.
> Recently implemented 'Ledger'

I implemented it as USLedger, not Ledger.

>  paper type is confusing me a lot. 

Then this may be a short conversation.

> It is declared as a paper of 17x11 in size.

> The same time there is also a 'Tabloid' paper of 11x17 in size. What does it mean? It is commonly assumed
> that the first value is the size X and the second is the size Y of a paper. That's why is it a kind of implicit logical 
> orientation declaration (e.g. Portrait or Landscape) or is it an implicit declaration of a direction the paper
> is fed into printer? Maybe it means nothing and it is just the same type of paper?

I wanted a page choice of USLedger that was 11x17 inches, since I am in the US, and I use
that paper size.  You can toggle the landscape button to orient when you plot.

The private member function updatePortrait() establishes the initial page orientation
according to what height and width are.  User now picks which paper orientation he wants
from the dialogs, so the initial orientation is not really that important, especially
since it is recorded in the BOARD file.

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