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Re: problem with the Help link "getting started in kicad"


Hi Frank,

Please get your current email address into the developers list so you can send your own

> Frank bennett wrote.
> kicad /help/about/developers - I was a little hurt to see my name
>    didn't make the short list, (even if I only added eeschema/backAnno)

Is the attached patch OK?

> EEschema, pcbnew - NICE look!!!
> -new icons look great
> -open places - it might be nice (for new users) to see the installed
>   demos as a selection (PATH='.' is there,right?)
> -demos I see missing a favorite "kit-dev-coldfire-xilinx_5213"
>   even though it's checked in and working. Are demos our only set of
>   regression tests? It would be nice to have a "user contrib designs,
>   symbols, footprints libs" site somewhere...results from something
>   like a open hardware project taking a modified panda board forward.
> So if I want to fix "demos/CMakeLists.txt" and maybe the Kicad/file/open
> what is greenie developer suspose to do? 

You can use bzr almost identically like subversion.

co or checkout
st or status
up or update

ci or checkin

all work the same.

In addition to said above "bind" mode, additionally you can operate in "unbind" mode,
which makes bzr act like a lightweight git or mercurial.
A "checkout" is "bind" mode.

References are available on the internet.

> in addition to how_to_compile.txt,
> which was hard to find, I think we need a how_to_summit_simple_changes.txt!
> or bzr, developer tricks:
>   How do I know which files I have changed or added to my local depot?
>   (like 'svn st') or about to submit...I guess I'm just missing the svn,
>   sf.net development mode of operation!

bzr st

bzr diff | less
bzr diff > /tmp/some.patch

=== modified file 'common/dialog_about/AboutDialog_main.cpp'
--- common/dialog_about/AboutDialog_main.cpp	2012-01-23 04:33:36 +0000
+++ common/dialog_about/AboutDialog_main.cpp	2012-03-02 14:32:14 +0000
@@ -207,6 +207,7 @@
     info.AddDeveloper( new Contributor( wxT( "Jean-Pierre Charras" ),
                                         wxT( "jean-pierre.charras@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ) ) );
     info.AddDeveloper( new Contributor( wxT( "Dick Hollenbeck" ), wxT( "dick@xxxxxxxxxxx" ) ) );
+    info.AddDeveloper( new Contributor( wxt( "Frank Bennett" ), wxt( "bennett78@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ) ) );
     info.AddDeveloper( new Contributor( wxT( "Hauptmech" ), wxT( "hauptmech@xxxxxxxxx" ) ) );
     info.AddDeveloper( new Contributor( wxT( "Jerry Jacobs" ),
                                         wxT( "xor.gate.engineering@xxxxxxxxx" ) ) );

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