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Re: Eeschema libedit_plot_component and SVG plot.


> I made some tries under XP and Linux, and it works for me, at least in release mode.
> With wxWidgets 2.9 and Debug mode I have some error messages (SetLogicalFunction not implemented)
> and an empty file (unless error messages are cancelled).
> In release mode it works fine.
> However, with 2.9 version arcs are drawn as pies.
> Under 2.8, the Kicad version of dcsvg.cpp is used and this issue is fixed.
> So I planned to use always the Kicad version of dcsvg.cpp

My first test was with 2.9 in debug mode, and I thought I answered the popup error in such
a way as to have it continue the program execution, but apparently not.  I got different
results in that build, essentially an empty svg file.

Since then, using release builds for 2.8 and 2.9 do seem to work, although we have pies in
2.9 and the size of the plot was wrong because of clamping in the setter functions of
PAGE_INFO.  I removed those clamps and you can see the difference.  I don't see a that
those clamps are that important, except for perhaps Custom size, and they are probably
better off being put into the dialog rather than a "silent ignore" anyway.

Besides, somebody may want to used "baseball card" sized paper, we don't know.

Attached are the before and after results of commit 3449.

I think this is done now, except for "pie in the eye" on 2.9.


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