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Re: [PATCH] Floating tracks loose netcode fix


Le 22/02/2012 16:51, Janis Skujenieks a écrit :
OK, I understand what your saying.

Jean-Pierre, maybe you can check the patch and give your thoughts on using this kind of solution.

P.S. Thanks for the tips.


I tested your patch.

Due to the code removed there is an issue:
Netcodes are sometimes wrongly calculated.

This issue is easy to reproduce (it is tricky, but can be found after a schematic change and reloading a netlist).
It needs 2 nets and 4 pads:
for instance net1 and net2, each net connecting 2 pads.

1 - connect 2 pads (net1 code) using a 3 segments track.
2 - connect the 2 other pads (net2)

3 - remove in net1 the 2 segments connected to pads. A not connected track (having net1 netcode) is left.

4 - Disable the DRC control and connect this "not connected" track to the track that connects the 2 "net2" pads
(connect it to the track, not the pads)

Rebuild the connectivity: the net1 track still remains wrongly connected to net1 (DRC test find a drc error).

At top level, keep old netcodes to tracks not connected to pads creates other issues:
for instance can create not floating copper islands in copper pours (very easy to create).
This breaks a feature of Pcbnew that remove in zones all not connected (floating areas) copper areas.

Fix these issues is not trivial.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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