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Re: Kicad scripting progress :-)


On 03/19/2012 06:52 AM, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo wrote:
> Sorry, somehow my pointer crashed in the "Send" button to early...
>     I meant that, when the scripting is working somehow I could
> try to help in porting your patches to scripting.


Thanks for your offer to help.

The command line processor patch is a way for main() to route directly into those board
actions that we talked about, by passing the UI in most cases.  So assuming we move board
actions into a class BOARD_ACTIONS, then the idea of the command line processor gets much
easier.  It is an ALTERNATIVE small main() program which sits on top of the common DLL/DSO
and simply calls BOARD_ACTIONS for each command line flag, along with gathered parameters.

We did not add the patch because bypassing the UI while the UI is present, is cluttered. 
Wanted to get a DLL/DSO in place first without most of the UI, then add the support at
that future time.

But if we actually read what Wolfgang said, he thinks that the command line option version
of main() program will not be needed because of your work.

(Although it does require that the scripting language(s) be installed, which would not be
a requirement of a pure command line processor.)


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