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Re: Library License


>My point of view is not firm yet, other than that I know I am not a communist.
>I don't ever see communism working, no where, no how.
>So if what we have is communism, this explains why there
>are no significant parts in our libraries.

  Having attempted to contribute I think it is mostly due to the
hassle of using LaunchPad.  Switching to the Yahoo Mailing List and
having a procedure for contributing via an email message would be a
simple solution.

  I don't see Open Source as a commune.  The best definition of Open
Source I have heard is that it is the cooperation of entities on
non-core aspects of their business.  As an example, Facebook has
started an Open Data Center initiative while Google turns the lights
out in collocation facilities to make sure competitors don't even see
their servers.  Yet, Google widely participates in Open Source.  They
each protect their core business but gain by cooperating on non-core

  If schematic symbols and footprints could be easily contributed,
searched, and organised then the libraries would grow.  From this
thread it seems a consensus is growing that libraries are
Copyrightable and should be Public Domain to avoid issues.

>This is off topic, but the only way I can imagine having a reliable
>library is an online server where users could up/download schematics
>and modules directly from kicad and others could leave feedback
>about the accuracy.

  It is on topic:

>We do have pending opportunities to formulate a strategy.
>So I think a plodding dialog is harmless and good.

  This thread has moved to discussing library issues in general and
easy upload+search is the biggest problem.

  I imagine something like Thingiverse.com for KiCad library elements.
 What would be needed?  Anyone think such a site could support itself
through ads or donations?  How quick and easy would it be to create an
automatic preview generator (in Javascript since most hosting services
don't allow native code)?  How does Drupal7+Fivestar+IMCE sound?

>User contributed content could be extracted from this online
>database for use in Kicad, provided it is public domain and follows
>certain guidelines, which should be defined for a concise module
>and library resource.

  The lower the barrier to entry the better.  The submission procedure
instructions and guidelines should be no more than one paragraph.  A
voting system could then be used to grade the submissions.  Picture
comments could be added whenever someone successfully uses a library
element in a project.