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Re: alternately sized icons


On 03/26/2012 10:49 AM, Stefan Dröge wrote:
> Hi Dick, I don't know whether you are referring to the Bug #963105, that I filed, with
> the "brewing talk".
> If you did, then I just want to make clear, that the last thing I wanted is smaller
> buttons. This wouldn't really solve the problem, but only postpone it until there are
> again so many buttons so that they don't fit on the screen anymore.
> My idea behind this was to make the toolbars and the position of them customizable by
> the *user*. (and especially the not-scrollable layer list in pcbnew and gerbview should
> be a problem that is easy to fix)
> After all there are some reasons for small screens in some cases. Especially for beamers
> it is still very common to have a 1024x768 resolution. So when you teach how to use
> kicad in front of a class, this bug is very limiting.
> Kind regards, Stefan

No, I had seen some discussion over on the user's mailing list.

The toolbars are based on wxAUI which I think has us within a stone's through of move-able
toolbars.  I suspect it is not a lot of work from where we are.  So if you want to start
with some small patches, I think that might be a safe expenditure of your time.  (I
deliberately avoided use of the work investment  :)  .)

The smaller icons wishes will be coming at us from another herd.  I can only hear
footsteps right now.  Go to the user's mailing list to see the herd.
With your theory, maybe they can be persuaded.

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