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Re: On wxGTK and --with-gnomeprint


On 04/08/2012 06:59 PM, lajos kamocsay wrote:
However it's easy to rebuild wxgtk on arch with libgnomeprint support:

   - install libgnomeprint and libgnomeprint from aur:
     - yaourt -Sy libgnomeprint libgnomeprintui
   - build wxgtk from abs, it will automatically detect libgnomeprint,
so no configuration necessary
     - make sure abs is up to date
     - copy /var/abs/extra/wxgtk to your favorite build location and go
to the wxgtk folder
     - makepkg -i

Thanks for that information - I tried rebuilding wxgtk myself and it took me some time to figure out I needed libgnomeprintui...

There is however another problem building kicad-bzr with current arch - will post a patch in a minute.

Regards, Heiko
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