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Re: Unused colors in eeschema?


On 5/5/2012 3:20 PM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
> I was window-shopping in the eeschema color preferences and I noticed a thing...
> First of all there is the 'Net Name' color which seems to be unused: I think it's associated with the LAYER_NETNAM entry; the other thing is that if I set the background to black it always says 'some items are of the same color of the background'... and nothing is set to black!
> Looking around I saw in the .eeschema the ColorPinF entry set to 0... maybe it's that? it seems associated to LAYER_PINFUN... another unused layer?
> What can you say to me about these... are they relics, unimplemented stuff or just not used yet?


Layers in Eeschema are only used in a few special cases.  Mainly to
determine if lines are defined as wires, buses, or graphic (not
connectable).  I'm not sure layers are really necessary in Eeschema.  I
would personally rather have separate SCH_WIRE and SCH_BUS objects
derived from SCH_LINE to handle the differences and do away with the
layers.  Given my current work load, this will be a discussion and a
project for another time.  So to answer your question, layers are a
legacy that need to be kept until they are replaced with an improved
design.  If I get some time, maybe I will take a look at ColorPin and
invert it to white or some other color when the background is changed to


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