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Re: import directory


On 05/05/2012 07:06 PM, Frank bennett wrote:
> On 05/05/2012 02:08 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> Frank,
>> The lead developers agreed unanimously that we should put the import directory into the
>> new branch kicad-contrib for now.
> I agree as well, but who knew it existed and where?
> bzr ???
> How does one get a list of existing branches?
>> If you want to try an bring it up to standards, we would need to see PLUGINs (for Pcbnew
>> anyway), C++, CMake usage, and conformance to coding standards on a per module basis.
> The standard is 'C'. The syntax for EDIF starts with a BNF
> definition. Any BNF for EEschema or PCBnew files? Then Yacc,
> Lex convert BNF (edif.y) to a 'C' state machine, which is fast.
> Does a BNF -> C++ exist? here is also one for Perl, probably not
> Java, C# either! I'm from the old school, BC++ and standard Unix/Linux,
> GNU make works just fine. I'm an embedded guy where 'C' code is a
> luxury, where processor speed and memory size resources are limited.
> Sorry I've worked on and ported a couple of embedded C++
> applications and was not impressed. 

This is of no consequence to the project.  We can play pen pal and just converse all day,
but your bad experience with C++ will have zero influence on the project, and will
probably only serve to discredit your other, more important points of view if you keep
pushing it.

> I solved a C++ bug where
> constructors were run out of sequence - No interrupts in the idle
> loop because clocks were not first turned on. C++ does not
> guarantee good, maintainable code. C++ is only sort of a standard.
> Stroustrup, author of C++ Programming Language, though it was a joke
> and wouldn't catch on.

Your experience will have no bearing on project philosophy relative to language selections.
We are not in need of lessons on programming languages here.