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Re: Hating wx configuration more than ever...


On 8 May 2012 12:08, Marco Serantoni <marco.serantoni@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 8:01 AM, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> This means that we eventually, we'll no longer need all the wxT() stuff,
>> since we
>> basically never put anything but ASCII characters in those wrappers and to
>> convert from an
>> ASCII string to UTF8 is simply a matter of copying bytes without any
>> conversion at all.
>> And converting ASCII bytes to UTF16 characters is simply a matter of
>> zeroing out the upper
>> byte.
> I don't think is that simple for cyrillic, japanese and languages that used
> accented or Diaeresized words.
> There is an hard work on some of those aspects, i don't think we want to
> trash it out.
> --
> Marco

wxT() is for strings that do not get translated - therefore only ASCII
characters are present and are therefore already UTF8. So there should
not be any special characters in these strings.

Best Regards, Brian.