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Kicad preference questions



There are a few quirks with preferences in Kicad it seems. I'm running Kicad on Ubuntu 12.04 from Adam's PPA.

1. The first is that the preferences file for eeschema has changed recently from .eeschema to .EESchema - is this intentional?

2. When I change the grid size it always goes back to 50 mils after I restart eeschema. Shouldn't there be a way to save that? I think it used to.

3. It seems to me it would make a lot more sense to put the library search paths in the .eeschema preferences file than in the project file. Do people actually use different paths for library files for projects on the same computer? For my projects the search paths will be the same for all projects on one computer, and maybe different on another computer. When sharing projects with other developers we are having to change the search path every time we update from each other.

Is there a way to add another system wide library and module search path?

4. The "Save Preferences" on the Preferences menu seems to do nothing?


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