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Re: Hating wx configuration more than ever...


> I may be joining this hate group. I have the same
> wx Config Dick mentioned above...what does wxTrace do?
> A log trace somewhere might come in handy...I've
> succeded in generating a .sch that blows up EEschema
> reader without a hint of which file or line# it choked on.
> The trace back though libs and even gdb bt doesn't
> give much of a hint where it ran off the rails....
> generally a text, wxString line in my *cache.lib most
> likely...I don't even get a stickup of reading....but
> I'm will to try and debug the blowup!
> How do I turn on debug?
> Frank Bennett

On 4/17/2012 9:31 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> Wayne,
>> How do I enable these debug statements in drawframe.cpp and where do I see them?
>> How do I redirect these to a file?
>> The documentation is inadequate.
>> Thanks,
>> Dick
> Somewhere you need to set the WXTRACE environment variable to the string
> or or comma separated list of strings of the trace messages that you
> want to see.  I do them locally in a terminal so I can change them on
> the fly.  For instance, if you want to see the scroll bar values that
> are being calculated you would use:
> #export WXTRACE="KicadScrollSettings"
> I believe the trace messages are dumped to stderr by default.
> The wxWidgets documentation is a bit weak when it comes to wxLogTrace.
> For the most part, the documentation is there but it's scattered in
> multiple places.  I had to dig around a bit to figure out how to use it.
>  I probably should go back and update our documentation by creating a
> separate Doxygen section to document the trace strings a what they log.
> I hope this is helpful.
> Wayne