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Re: Patch: Don't force modal dialog on creating a new file


Le 14/05/2012 18:57, Henner Zeller a écrit :
On 14 May 2012 08:41, jean-pierre charras<jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Le 14/05/2012 02:04, Henner Zeller a écrit :

Small patch.

When creating a new schematic or start a new board from your
schematic, a new file is created. But in that case an
attention-grabbing modal dialog pops ups telling the user that 'The
file is not found'. The first reaction of the user is that something
went wrong - but everything works as expected.

It seems, someone 'fixed' this problem by adding a message to these
dialog boxes that this is normal and expected if this is the first
time happening.
But this fixes the symptom, not the cause (scary attention grabbing
modal dialog box).

There is really no reason for such a modal dialog, and they should be
used sparingly.
In any other application, if a new file is opened, a message in the
status line is telling about this. If at all.

This patch fixes this: what used to be a modal dialog box is now just
a status message "New file %s".


I am not enthusiastic about this patch.
The dialog about a not found file is usual, and most of application do that.
Assuming "try to opening a not existing file" should be "create a new file"
is wrong.

I would like to challenge you on the 'most applications do that' part :)
If you open an editor with a filename that does not exist, it will
never complain, it will just treat it as a new file. Actually, from my
experience, I can't remember any application complaining about this
with a modal dialog (do you remember examples for applications you've
seen that?).

Yes : libreoffice.
This is a not so bad reference.
I tried it just before sending my previous mail.
It shows a warning dialog and closes.
Also, you can try:
gcc mynonexistentfile.c
(Yes, gcc is not an editor, but CvPcb also is not an editor)

I am sure you can remember some applications that also to do that.

And Kicad is a bit more complex than a text editor.
Running Eeschema (or Pcbnew) needs a config file, libraries, a working area and more.

 Since my perception is that usually applications treat a
non-existent file as 'new', this prompted my change. It is just to get
aligned of what is happening more 'commonly'. And fixing a
user-irritation problem when working on a new project.

I do not understand the meaning of 'commonly'.
'commonly' depends on Disk operating systems, complexity of applications and countries you are living.

One of the key-things here is, that the applications are launched by
the central kicad project managing application. So it already _knows_
that the file does not exist yet.

Know if a file is non existent is very easy.
Know if it is a normal case is a bit more tricky.

Maybe we should pass a flag (such as
--nonexistent-file) to the application when launching ?

this is possible.

There are lot of reasons when a file is missing and should exist:
For instance a file can be missing because it was forgotten when copying a
lot of files,
or erroneous renaming file command, ...
and the user *should be* prompted.

mmh, but wouldn't the user just see that the file is obviously empty
and it says 'new file' at the bottom, that something happened to that
file ?
And in that particular case, the user already knows what the reason
is, because (s)he tries on a newly copied project.
OTOH, if someone creates a new project, this dialog box doesn't add anything.

So the modal dialog _maybe_ helps in the rare case that someone
genuinely thought that the file existed and the program tells her that
indeed it doesn't. But is that worth annoying users in the majority of
the cases in which they just start a new project ?

The issue for new projects (and only for new projects) is in fact in Kicad,
that perhaps could create void .sch and .pcb files after creating the .pro

Yes, that would as well be an alternative. I think though, that this
would be a more 'hacky' solution as it fixes a symptom.
(would just an empty file be ok ?)

If can be a valid empty file (mainly containing a short valid header)

By the way:
A symptom is good:
when you see a symptom you know you are ill, and you should do something.


Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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