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Re: Patch: Don't force modal dialog on creating a new file


On 05/14/2012 12:02 PM, jean-pierre charras wrote:
> Le 14/05/2012 18:40, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo a écrit :
>> And what about a commandline parameter "--create" or "-c" when
>> we want the file to be created (when file doesn't exist?)
> This is also possible, but how do you know the file *should* be created ?
> I mean when copying a project and renaming files you can forget the main sch file or brd.
> This is the reason I suggested to create 3 files in a new project:
> the .pro file
> the main .sch file (an empty file containing only a header)
> the corresponding .brd board (an empty file containing only a header).

I don't think we want to link in code which knows how to create valid *.sch and
*.kicad_pcb files into the project manager.

This seems inappropriate for this trivial issue.

Let's keep looking for a simpler solution.  Empty *.sch and *.kicad_pcb files are no
answer either.