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Re: Did pcbnew/kicad_plugin.cpp got committed with CRLF endings?!


On 6/5/2012 2:22 AM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 09:27:13AM -0500, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
So don't let is cost you any sleep, just always have that pristine checkout branch.
Besides we might need it someday if launchpad ever gets hacked.  We would need a number of
copies elsewhere>  0.

Bah. Didn't work. Just did a manual 3-way merge with the .BASE .THIS
.OTHER files. All this work for a 1 liner XD

It seems that it do the EOL filtering just before *writing* the files,
not before the merge. The .OTHER file hadn't CRLFs, in fact.

/me still prefers svn (but, anyway, even svn has its idiocy moments...)

Don't worry about fixing it. I had to fix it in my branch because there was conflict against some fixes I made to kicad_plugin.cpp so it will be fixed as soon as I commit my changes (which is hopefully very soon).