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Re: Why ALL capital letters for classes and typedefs


On 06/22/2012 05:55 PM, Alexander Lunev wrote:
> I believe most developers agree to follow some project predetermined coding style policy...
> According to the KiCad coding style policy, constants and macro names should be
> comprised of all capital letters (it is common, that is OK). However, according to the
> policy, classes and typedefs should be designated in the same way (all capital letters).
> So it is easier to get confused while reading the source code, especially for developers
> who get used to names written in all capital letters and implied as either constants or
> macros.
> As for me, wxSomeClass and kiSomeClass names are quite good ones. I think these examples
> are still in conformance with the common convention. wx and ki are just prefixes to
> highlight a subset of classes.

The kicad coding standards clearly state the classnames are to be uppercase.
I am quite certain that Wayne will go ballistic if this stops being enforced.

Get over it.  That decision has been made, and I personally spent about $30,000 of my time
getting the code base this way.

In total there has probably been $70,000 spent on it, and about 45% of that is from Wayne.

So do you think you have a chance at making this case name argument?  Not on this planet,
not in this project.

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