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Panelization of PCB


Hi to all

I am new to KiCad as also to the developer community. I have designed two boards with KiCad and sent the data to china just a few minutes ago. In a first step I only sent the gerber files for a single board (Prototype for test). But as I need big quantities, I need a panelization software. I tried to download and install the GerbMerg. But I was not able to install it either on my Ubuntu computer nor on a Windows laptop, what made me frustrated as I spent hours trying everything to get it up and running.

So I thought, it could be a realizable job to do that in GerbView.
Can anybody tell me if that is an idea or is that not of interest. Who is responsible for GerbView. Is there something like a quick start guide on what has been done up to now.
I have written some programs in Java so I know a little on OOP.
I have written a panelisation software years ago on a DOS machine in C but I am not sure if I will find that part of software on my backups as it may be gone!!?? I then used that software for my photoplotter when I was producing films for PCB manufacturers.

Please tell me if that is a very silly Idea or if it would be worth to sit down for some hours.


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