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Re: Using compiler specific c++ extensions


On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 07:10:38AM -0400, Carl Rash wrote:
> There is a very good discussion of this here
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/370283/why-cant-i-have-a-non-integral-sta
> tic-const-member-in-a-class

Thanks, very interesting... substantially because you can't put a float in a template *and* they are of the same semantical category (const-expr). Just when they fixed the compile time evaluation rules (that's why gcc needs MPFR!).

Oh and I shiver at the tough of yet another 'constexpr' keyword: they should have added *another* meaning to static :X static const non-mutable fixed burned-in-stone variable *maybe* will be a good const definition:P:P or maybe a new keyword *dogma* which overrides the programmer's religious beliefs:D

C++ is becoming more and more bloated and unmanageable. And even more slow to compile...

/me wants defconst... these are *so* immutable that not even the compiler sees them (like C #define but keeping type informations)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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