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Re: Realistic 3D Rendering


On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 09:22:29PM +0300, Bogdan-Florin Florea wrote:
> - I need to produce a black and white image from each layer and I can't
> find an easy way to do it using the python bindings. Right now, I'm using
> "gerbv" to produce the images from the gerber files (being able to plot the
> gerber files from the script would also be great), but it only works on
> Linux, since the Windows version of gerbv doesn't seem to accept command
> line parameters.

That's strange, it should accept them...

> - I need to include some extra information for each instance of the module,
> in order to be able to specify the realistic 3D model (for example, a 0805
> capacitor has a different model than a 0805 resistor). Where should this
> extra information be stored ?

Maybe in the... model information?:D there is already space for the vrml model, you could establish a mapping from that. As an aside, I simply use different patterns for an R0805 and a C0805 (just *don't ask*, the flying probe machine requires them that way...)

Also you could 'abuse' of the keyword line for other informations (you can fit *simple* name:value pair in it with some ingenuity).

There is a not widely know fact in pcbnew: modules are not simply instances of library patterns, they are *fully copied* on insert (and retain only the library name for updating them). So, once you place a module even the library properties become module properties.

/me doesn't get the need for that kind of eyecandy anyway:P a bounding box model for mechanical integration is all that's needed in 90% of the applications...

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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