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Realistic 3D Rendering



I am developing a python script which uses the Kicad python bindings (from
the development branch) and produces an output similar with the one
produced by EagleUp plugin for Eagle.

There are two difficulties that I have:

- I need to produce a black and white image from each layer and I can't
find an easy way to do it using the python bindings. Right now, I'm using
"gerbv" to produce the images from the gerber files (being able to plot the
gerber files from the script would also be great), but it only works on
Linux, since the Windows version of gerbv doesn't seem to accept command
line parameters.

- I need to include some extra information for each instance of the module,
in order to be able to specify the realistic 3D model (for example, a 0805
capacitor has a different model than a 0805 resistor). Where should this
extra information be stored ?

You can check out the project and some 3D renderings at

Best regards,
Bogdan-Florin Florea

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