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Re: Has reversepcb been ported to latest code?


Thanks for your response.

I've looked at Clive's code and it is definitely the "minimum work" solution. I can see why the KiCad developers might not want to include this into the main stream code.

I simply want the ability to have one or two layers as as background images in the
PCB editor. I am going to get Clive's code ported to the current code base
and then see how hard it will be get this functionality properly integrated.


On 10/09/2012 3:23 AM, Solonen Vesa wrote:
My use is quite similar, but regarding porting the changes there were noticeable opposition from main developers. I also see why, regarding how it's done in reversepcb (it's essentially a quick dirty hack). It also seemed that the functionality was considered "politically incorrect" ;) If that incorrectness can be corrected with some good reasoning, then I'd suggest leveraging current scripting support for reverse-engineering use.

Scripted RE would mean cleaner code with KiCad details hidden and also allow some great automation for pattern matching etc. OpenCV for component placement and routing... A background image support for all pcb layers would be a great start.

Some old discussion is here:


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