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Re: Has reversepcb been ported to latest code?


> I simply want the ability to have one or two layers as as background
> images in the PCB editor. I am going to get Clive's code ported to the current code base
> and then see how hard it will be get this functionality properly integrated.

I would guess the functionality gets better reception by starting small. For starters impleneting only background image support and 'Import' menu entry would be the way to go. I remember Dick saying he doesn't wat this to get on the way and my first guess for the meaning of it would be "very clean small patches" and "don't come whining if the functionality ends up missing on kicad-gal transition". Imperative please may be included. Dick, please correct me if anything is out of order.

Also please read coding style docs and use uncrustify script to check your patches. It removes a lot of friction. Most of the frustration comes from the great all inclusive and hackish patch which needed a great deal of time and effort from its creator, but can not be included because of multiple of reasons.

I for one welcome the effort and hope it gets included. From users list one can see that RE functionality is needed time to time. Be it rebuilding old radios or fixing industrial plating rectifiers. I don't get why we should see any political problem in RE functionality, because anyone who wants commercial RE service can order a job from hardworking east. KiCad would be just helping the hobbyist in random modification and e-waste re-use projects which would not make any sense commercially anyway.


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