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Re: S-expression footprint library format.


On 10/7/2012 2:20 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
On 10/07/2012 11:36 AM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
I finally committed the changes to allow Pcbnew to save libraries in the
new s-expression format.  You can test this feature by building KiCad
with the -DUSE_PCBNEW_SEXPR_FOOTPRINT_LIBS=ON CMake definition.  This
will add an entry into the library editor file menu that will allow you
to save the current library to the new file format.  Please note that
the new file format will create a file for each footprint in the current
library file in a directory named from the current library file name.
The new format will not be used for loading and/or editing libraries
until I get the library table designed and implemented.  Once that
happens we should be able to begin using the new file formats as well as
editing and saving libraries in any format that is supported by the
appropriate PLUGIN.  Please take some time to make sure that the
footprint files and directories are generated correctly and that I
didn't miss anything.




(Just a minor suggestion on  INPUTSTREAM_LINE_READER::ReadLine
see attached patch request.  Fixes a couple of things: return value on EOF, and EOF
testing according to docs.)


Thanks! I'll apply the patch and commit it right away since I forgot to remove the logging code I was using to debug.

The day that the nanometer build is the standard default is now within sight.

Finally!  The library table should be the last piece of the puzzle.


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