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Re: S-expression footprint library format.


On 10/8/2012 7:11 AM, Kaspar Bumke wrote:
Great to see some progress on this! I don't have time at the minute to
look at it closer but am anxious to test it out.

Please note that the new file format will create a file for each footprint in the current library file in a directory named from the current library file name.

So is this permanent? The new format will no longer append footprints
into single files?

Once the new format becomes the default, footprint libraries will be saved as a directory of footprint files. In other words, a footprint library is defined as a directory of footprint files where each footprint file contains a single footprint. I still have to implement the footprint library table so that we can fix the search order issues in Pcbnew. Once that is in place, we will make the new file format, footprint library format, and hopefully nanometre internal units the default for for Pcbnew.

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