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Re: Offtopic: Stellaris LM4F120


19.10.2012 22:41, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo kirjoitti:
Nice Vesa, does it handle ADC sync to PWM (useful for SMPS) and dead band
control in PWM ? -)

120 does not, but 230 seems usable.

I'm using some SMPS dspic chips that handle that, but 32bits and free
toolchains would be even better.

I've kept away from (DS)Pic because of their weird architecture, toolchain limitations and power consumption. Atmel AVR XMega has very interesting advanced pwm unit with dead time hardware, but no real experience on that yet. I have one test board for xmega32a4u waiting for some software.

Can you tell any more details of your application, like converter topology etc? In my case main interest is phase shifted full bridge converters with synchronous rectification and full load range soft switching. Integrated magnetics, swinging choke filtering and load plane optimisation for dead times. Induction heating converters as well, but generally it is easier there. Power levels 2kW and up, but an easy access upper limit is at 22kW. Fortunately I'm still evaluating transformer designs for 3kW level. Current designs are two tier feedback systems with analogue controller plus digital optimiser/low bandwidth feedback.

In case you need an easy boost PFC without much firmware work, it may be a good idea to check Infineon ICE3PCS series. Their digitally filtered voltage feedback gives excellent load and line response and low current distortion.