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VRML Export with nanometer build


I've exported a VRML file from the 'testing' branch build and the resulting file was a disaster for a number of reasons:

1. scale and translations are insane: taking the VRML specification where 1Unit = 1m, I've got offsets of Millions of Km.  I'm guessing this has to do with 'nm' internal units rather than 10mil - are there any suggestions on how I might go about updating export_vrml.cpp to deal with the 2 build configurations?

2. URLs are not formed according to IETF RFC 1738.  For example I get an absolute file path specified like this: URL "/some/path"
The correct formulation of course is: URL "file:///some/path".  Unfortunately RFC 1738 doesn't specify a scheme for relative "file://"  specifications although the non-standard  "some/path" is typically interpreted as a relative path.

- Cirilo