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Re: Suggesting a solution for the ever last icon size ugliness in Kicad for Linux


Dear George,
G'Day ! I see you are the maintainer of the Debian/Ubuntu PPA for
Kicad and I was wondering if you could give us a little help. We are
experiencing an icon problem with ubuntu and (I guess) other
linux-based distribution and I am not really sure how to fix it.

The problem is that the kicad icon and kicad tools icons (eeschema,
etc) do not appear with right resolution in Ubuntu/Unity left nav. bar
or in the alt-tab bar.

Synaptic tells me that the only icon installed with kicad seems to be:
which is actually 128px but still not visualising well in Ubuntu/Unity
left nav. bar.... wrong format? wrong location?

Where are the other icons? eeschema icon for instance? kicad is made
of a group of 6 executable.

So that you know, the latest kicad version has a large set of icons
(that I made) in various formats. You find them here:

Please let us know what we should do to fix this icon visualisation
problem. Naturally I can generate any icon at any resolution/format.

Also, since we are here, how do I get synaptic to retrieve a kicad screeshot?

Thank you in advance for your help


> On Oct 28, 2012 2:12 PM, "Fabrizio Tappero" <fabrizio.tappero@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Hello Guys,
>> I'd like to point out a problem with icon visualisation in Linux.
>> Please refer to the attached image "kicad_icon_problem.png". The
>> problem appears in both Alt-Tab switch window as well as in the Linux
>> navigation bar. In my case you can see the Ubuntu Unity bar.
>> the problem is due to the fact that we are using 26 px icon images for
>> a navigation bar that would comfortably use 128 px images. So:
>> I have modified the script file:
>> bitmaps_png/icons/mk_icn.sh
>> and run it to generate 128 px icons in ".ico" format. I attach here
>> the new folder:
>> bitmaps_png/icons
>> Could somebody please replace the old icons folder with the one in
>> attachment. Just in case Windows users need smaller icons (which I am
>> no sure it is the case), I have left "icon_kicad_64.png" and
>> "icon_kicad_64.xpm".
>> Also, It would be great if the Ubuntu package guy which I might
>> remember being Adam could please make sure that the new icons ".ico"
>> are used in place of the old ones.
>> I of course remain available for the implementation of any suggestion
>> on this matter.
>> Have a great day
>> Fabrizio

Attachment: kicad_icon_problem.png
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