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New VRML component models


Hi Folks,

   I started a new project on SourceForge to create software for the parametric generation of VRML models. A few models are currently available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/kicad3dmodels/files/models_v0.2/

The models so far are:

dip:  0.3" DIPn models for 6..28 pins   The source code was really just a proof-of-concept thing but can be cleaned up and scripted if anyone feels the urge to generate more types of DIP packages.

res: Thru-hole resistors in metal film (1% series E96+E24, 2% series E48, 0.5W) and carbon composite (5% series E24, 0.25W) with 0.4" lead spacing and horizontal orientation.  The source was originally intended as a test of one of my tools for building components; there are stubs for creating vertical resistors but I haven't filled out the code - I can do that if there is any interest. There are an insane 2100+ models there.

conn: Thru-hole connectors; at the moment only 4UCon SIL headers from Drawing 19950, 3-40 pins.

Any requests for other models will be welcome. Any comments to improve things will also be welcome.

I need to clean up the source code, fiddle with the build system, and fiddle with scripts before I release actual source code tarballs.  The source can also be pulled from git but will probably be broken until I finish cleaning things up.

My real plan is to do this sort of thing with Free-CAD and ultimately generate STEP files to aid in the mechanical integration.  For now I decided to make notes on parameterizing various components and to play with VRML while I'm waiting for a few essential features to be finished on Free-CAD.

- Cirilo

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