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Re: Append schematic feature in Eeschema


Hi again :)

El 12/12/12 12:25, Jacobo Aragunde Pérez escribió:
> I have noticed there is a feature in Pcbnew, "Append board", to add all
> the components from a .brd file into the currently opened document. This
> feature doesn't exist in Eeschema but I thought it would be useful there
> too.
> The attached patch adds this feature linked to a new entry in the "File"
> menu.

I've just realized that in some cases this is not working correctly. In
particular, if Eeschema was not able to load all the libraries (it shows
a window on startup saying "The following libraries could not be
found"), then imported items will not be drawn correctly (they appear as
a box with a question mark).

In order to fix the patch I'd like to ask about the relation between
schema files and components. When you use a component in a sheet, is the
component information saved to the .sch file? If so, I guess that
loading this information would be enough to fix the problem.


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