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Re: remove time-stamps to make files more VCS friendly



I have committed the changes necessary to use *.kicad_pcb as default, and it seems not to
have "save-times" in it.

This could a fairly disruptive change for some, but you can still load and save legacy
(*.brd) files.  The new format is *.kicad_pcb, called KiCad format.

Brian or someone, can you look at my commit and make sure the template support is still
We may need to quickly save those template *.brd files as *.kicad_pcb and rename them in
the repo also.

One of the mechanisms I used was in wildcards_and_files.h

extern const wxString LegacyPcbFileExtension;
extern const wxString KiCadPcbFileExtension;
#define PcbFileExtension    KiCadPcbFileExtension       // symlink choice

So PcbFileExtension is different, and KiCadPcbFileExtention is new.