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Re: Drawings on edge cuts layer in module editor


On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 1:22 AM, Lorenzo Marcantonio <
l.marcantonio@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 11:27:09PM -0500, Younes Manton wrote:
> > I see that drawings are explicitly not allowed on the edge cuts layer in
> > the module editor. Is there a good reason for this? Some fabs allow
> Uhmm... that's new for me... I have the RAST card edge connector which
> are *defined* by the PCB cuts and I remember that they are defined in
> the module. Maybe it's a restriction added later to avoid some issue?
> > internal cuts and specify that they should be on the edge cuts layer, so
> if
> > drawings are allowed on the edge cuts layer you can include non-plated
> > and/or non-circular mounting holes in the footprint.
> Also: card edge connectors and holes for reverse-mounted connectors (rare,
> but I used them). There is definitely a need for them
> > I tried getting rid of the check in question and it seems to work nicely,
> > placing the module on the board places my mounting holes on the edge cuts
> > layer along with the board outline.
> Probably there is a good reason for the check... maybe some interaction
> from the zone filler and/or SPECCTRA (which is kinda picky with card
> edges...).

You're right about the zone filler, it doesn't see internal cutouts so I
just defined keepout zones over my holes to get what I wanted. It shouldn't
be hard to automatically define keepouts for internal cutouts as long as
you can reliably distinguish between the board edges and internal holes.

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