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New here !



Hello ! 

I'm new here, and I'll introduce myself. I'm french, and
I've created a lot of free projects like OpenSourceSoft -
http://opensourcesoft.fr.nf - and other, mainly listed in my personal

As 2013 will be a new year, I'll try to stop creating open
source project alone but I want to participate in usefull big projects,
like Kicad. I'm also an electronics student and I want to create some
fun PCB over my Linux Laptop but Cadence PSD isn't free and doesn't

So, I'll try you to create this really big project, wich is
already powerfull. I don't know if you need that but I think the website
can be reorganised, without using a lot of external tools as launchpad,
libs, chat… CodingTeam is a good soft wich include wiki, source
repository, xmpp server, bug tracking tool, localisation tool, forum…

Thanks for all, and sorry for my bad english. 




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