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Re: [Bug] WRL import broken


Le 11/01/2013 21:41, Cirilo Bernardo a écrit :
From: Хотеев Сергей <hsd8@xxxxxxxxx>
To: kicad-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2013 4:39 AM
Subject: [Kicad-developers] [Bug] WRL import broken


In 2010 , FreeCAD forum (
http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/free-cad/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=592&start=0&hilit=kicad ) discussed  the interaction KiCAD and FreeCAD, if you look at the screenshots ( http://www.4shared.com/photo/5gphH4Tb/kicad_freecad4.html ), you can see that with the help of the external program to create the model board with all components.
Then wrl-export was added to KiCAD, it worked okay sometimes, but not always, then the things got worse: in fact I could export only the board, not anything else. And now... I can't even export the board.

Is this my bad or wrl-export is broken??

System : x86_64
Linux: Ubuntu 12.04
Build 10.01.2012 bzr 3898 GOST -testing (python scripting ON)


You're right, the VRML export is currently broken.  It is probably due to the introduction of the choice between nm and Thou as base units.  I don't think it will be difficult to fix, but it's low priority and the devs have much more important things to work on in their time.  I'll see if I can find some time on Sunday to look at the code and attempt to make a quick fix.  I suspect the VRML export code would benefit from a major restructuring, but for now I imagine a small patch to fix up the current problem should be possible.

- Cirilo

I committed a fix for the scaling issue.

However you are right about "the VRML export code would benefit from a major restructuring". Mainly pads, tracks ... are exported as 2D shapes, not 3D shapes (they are no thickness, i.e. roughly not top and bottom face.).
This is a major issue for a 3D export.
Are you volunteer to work on it?

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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