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Re: [PATCH] Append schematic: copy the contents of one schematic file into another


El 23/01/13 16:56, jp charras escribió:
> ...
>>> Therefore (like in paste block) time stamps of new items should be
>>> checked and updated (and perhaps the references).
>>> I am thinking a lot of users will use such a feature to create multiple
>>> instances of a basic sheet, as an alternative to paste block,
>>> so be careful about multiple imports of the same sheet.
>> If you consider this is important, I'll check how timestamps work in the
>> paste block operation. I guess that the goal is resetting the timestamps
>> for the imported components, isn't it?
> This is important for components and sheets (which are something like a
> component) ,
> because the time stamps is sometimes used as identifier and must be unique.
> (However annotation checks for duplicate time stamps and fix them)
> See the function void SCH_EDIT_FRAME::PasteListOfItems( wxDC* DC ) in
> eeschema/block.cpp.
> ...

Thanks for the pointer to the code and the explanation, I will start
from there.

>>> Also have a look to the code relative to a sheet filename change, for
>>> simples and complex hierarchies (and the conversion between these
>>> hierarchies)
>> I'll also fix this problem using the full file path when there's a
>> problem.
> Using full file path creates also issues:
> - when moving/copying a project (be sure schematic files in an other
> directory will be lost)
> - But mainly, it creates shared files, which will break one schematic
> project when the other is edited
> Copying files to the target project is the only one way to fix it,
> and changing the filename of imported files (and the filename in sheets)
> if an existing file is found in the target project directory,
> or asking the user.

After another thought, I think I will leave schematic files out of the
equation for now. The goal of this feature was being able to share some
common sheet structures between documents, specifically graphical
components. It makes sense that we first provide a more limited but
stable version of the feature, and then work from it.

Jacobo Aragunde
Software Engineer at Igalia

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