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Re: Python scripting cmake build macros.


On 4 February 2013 02:19, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Success seems *highly* likely now.  Even with success, it will need to be
> a team effort,
> since I probably cannot be expected to maintain this work.  (Maintenance
> means moving the
> unaccepted portions forward to newer versions of python.)
> Only the gdbm, dbm, ncurses, and sound extensions are not building.  (They
> don't seem
> important for now.  Somebody else can add them later if they want.)
> Found out tonight that there is actually an NSIS Ubuntu AND Debian package
> for cross
> building Windows installers, on Linux.  How cool is that?
> So the whole build *and* packaging circus *can* be performed on Linux.
> I have used about 5 fully different forms of CMake's ExternalProject_Add()
> support, for
> future examples for folks to emulate.
> After putting in another 7 hours today, here's what I have left to do :
> a) Move the patch to 2.7.4, I will be releasing this as python 2.7.4.
> b) Do Windows installers using CPack and NSIS.
> c) Run the python integrity tests.  We can do Win32 testing here, I may
> need a Win64
> volunteer to run the tests.  Also anyone have a quick description of what
> needs to be run
> there?
> This is still a good handful of hours.  Portions of days, not weeks.
> Then I might spend some time moving the patch to python 3.4 dev tree, so
> we can get it
> committed in bits and pieces.
> That seems to be where you donate blood, on the dev (a.k.a. 3.4) branch.

Hi Dick,

I'm glad you're still making good progress. Just should if you need
anything tested on Win64, that's no problem at all.

The TODO list on the mingw-org-wsl project is huge and I don't think the
guys over there are in any real hurry to get it released so I think using
MinGW to target msvcr71, 80, 90, etc. is some way off.

Many thanks for all your efforts as always!

Best Regards, Brian.

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