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Re: Targeting MSVCR90.DLL c runtime with MinGW


> Thank-you for the information Dick.
> I use several Ubuntu and Debian VM's on my Win64 PC, so no problem.
> I wonder why I bother running things on the Windows OS really, I mean a Linux VM that's
> given 4Gb RAM and 4 cores certainly rips along on my PC so really native linux apps are
> not a problem to run.
> I see open source being able to take the decision not to bother running on all OS's
> natively very soon. I mean I could easily run KiCad on a Linux VM. Why cant VirtualBox
> just be a pre-requisite of running the software? Perhaps I'm just where you were years ago!?
> I'm certainly not interested in anything autotools, especially on Windows. I've read
> books on autotools and done projects with autotools, and I hated every minute of it. I
> really like CMake, it's such a massive improvement.
> I can do any testing you need doing on Windows, just shout. Thanks again for all your
> efforts, they are appreciated by many people!
> Best Regards, Brian.

Your participation and communications convey a clear message of competence.  

And thanks very much for your commitment to teamwork.

It is extremely appreciated, as I am not a Windows user so my work in this is clearly not
for me.

It is nice knowing somebody else can both grasp and carry on at the right time.


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