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MacOS X pcbnew scripting build crashes when launched via Spotlight



First off thanks Miguel for the build script for MOX! I've been trying for a while to get a usable build and your script made my day!
Right now I'm having just one little issue with the build. If I try to launch pcbnew via Spotlight i Get a "crash". A window pops open saying:

pcbnewInitPythonScripting() fails

if I then click ok i get 

***** error importing the wxPython API! *****

and after that window i get the stack trace for a SEGFAULT.

I would really like to help out on this issue but since I'm not familiar with the whole scripting magic, i thought that maybe someone has an idea.
Since it works without any issue when launched from Finder i presume it has something todo with how Spotlight launches applications.

Anyway, again thanks for the build script!


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