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Re: Solder paste wish list


On 03/28/2013 02:38 AM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:

1) Don't set the paste layer in the main pad properties
2) Add individual pads *only* in the paste layer for each blob of paste you actually want

Thanks - I discovered how to do it and wrote it up just moments before I read your post --


I still think a solder-paste-mask layer would be quite useful:

OK, we have a way to avoid part ''floating'', by making custom solder-paste and solder-mask areas, by turning off those layers in the edit-pad dialog and creating zones leaving a solder-masked 'X' across large solder area's under parts(messy), then and using the solder-paste layer to ''add'' area's to put solder paste back on '''BUT''' it is really, really nasty and quite ugly ( see [[Pcbnew#Creating_Module_with_Custom_Solder-Paste]] ). What would be much better, is a way to re-add solder-mask and mask solder-paste areas to reduce the solder-paste under parts that want to 'float-away'.

Also, many times pads run under chips-bodies where it would be good to simply mask-out the paste with a line along the body of the part, and similarly re-add a solder-masked area under the now masked-solder-paste area. This takes both a solder-paste-mask and a negative-solder-mask layer (a solder-mask-mask? or a solder-mask-re-add layer? ( A good name escapes me as the solder-mask layer is really the holes in the solder mask and anything I think of sounds confusing ))

One problem is that to do it the messy way - one wants to draw lines of no solder - but we have to draw the inverse of an 'X' with round ended lines etc..

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