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Re: specctra_export patch to allow nesteted pcb edges



The keepout polygon you are putting into the DSN file is on a non-existent layer named

It seems like a freerouter idiosyncrasy that it accepts this.

Here is the grammar for specctra polygon:

<layer_id >
{<vertex> }
[(aperture_type [round | square])]

Here is what you are outputting:

    (keepout "" (polygon signal 0  220980 -125730  232410 -125730
		232410 -137160  220980 -137160  220980 -125730))

1) Do you agree this is probably non-standard behaviour on the part of freerouter?  If
not, can you tell me the page number within the specctra spec where this single layer
approach is explained?

2) Do you find that although this is only a *single* fictitious layer that you are
outputting, that the keepout is respected on *all* cu layers within freerouter?

There were a couple of user's using this export with the Electra router, is the reason I
ask.  It is important to know when we are relying on non-standard behaviour.



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