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Re: Regression Testing


On 04/29/2013 03:04 AM, Edwin van den Oetelaar wrote:
> Just found this paper.
> http://swwxguitesting.wefi.net/MPhilThesisChapterSwWxGuiTesting.pdf (about automated gui
> testing with wx)
> I personally think more gui code should move from C++ to python for easy development and
> interactive testing.
> Keep it going!!
> Greetings,
> Edwin van den Oetelaar

I agree with you, to the extent that having some new code in wxPthon is likely to
accelerate the evolution of KiCad to near epic speed.  Simply categorizing, organizing,
and gathering, will be an extreme challenge.  Even some terminology must be agreed upon so
that we can talk about it.  Types of scripts: python on C++, or python under C++ UI, etc.

Both are possible, we need names to even talk, to even have a conversation.  There are
leadership opportunities here.

For non-windows users, this can begin now.  For windows users, probably within days, based
on Brian's work.

Converting old C++ to python is not on anyone's radar that I am aware of however.


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