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Re: Title block date in pcbnew


> I have something on my list for the far away future, unless anybody gets there first and
> that's variable substitution for strings. It would be nice if we could have text with
> variable expansion, such as things like ${SheetTitle}, ${ModifiedDate}, ${ProjectName} etc.
> We could add this to the shelf of "Cool stuff to do in the future when everything else is
> going well". It would take a lot of work to do, and I always wanted to implement it in
> both eeschema and PCBNEW.
> Best Regards, Brian.

You are up too late.  But I am sure you are working on something important.

Been doing something like that ${} in fp lib table dialog, but only access to environment


    void populateEnvironReadOnlyTable()

This is not for output modification, but for cross platform portability, so you can reboot
OSes or move your project to a different computer and still have a valid FOOTPRINT LIBRARY

Still looking forward to playing with some kind of lean python expression evaluator
wrapper.  Maybe that can be a C++ wrapper class which makes spawning a short lived python
interpreter easy.  Like real easy.