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Re: Title block date in pcbnew


On 05/01/2013 03:36 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
There are
4 schools of thought, and funny thing is you and I are in the same camp after all.

1) Make it editable, and fixed, not dynamically updated.  If I put in a date, it stays
that way forever on disk too.

2) Make it dynamic (i.e. automatically updated), reflective of the last time of board
*modification*, not last time of save.

3) Make it dynamic (i.e. automatically updated), reflective of the last time of board *save*.

4) Remove it, keep it out of the file, until the dispute is settled.

How about 2 dates - an editable 'release date' and a last modified date?
Is the editable date actually a version number? (Totally valid way of doing things) - which gets back to the best way to take a design from one version to the next. ( I would vote for yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm--ss for a default format ).

I have used a system where a board change increments the major number and a schematic change (that has yet to revise the board ) is them minor number- thus major.minor.ls - Where ls reflects a change to schematic information that does not change the netlist.

When I make a new board revision - I also copy the design directory to a new one - change the directory and some file names to reflect the new version number.


This works for now, but brings up an item long on the wish list - how to backup a design into a tar-ball along with all the doc files associated with the design. ( the goal being to have a tarball that I can expand into a working project complete with everything ).

There is more than one way of incrementing a design version, and some may want to do it differently, I like the idea of a version number x,y,z AND a last modified date. I think there should be a 'kicad specific' way of doing this - that people are free to deviate from - but I would love to write up some form of 'best practice'.

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