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Re: Include Boost installation instructions in build-msw.txt?


Le 06/05/2013 09:28, Travis Ayres a écrit :
Hi everyone,

I'm following along with build-msw.txt; should simple instructions for
boost be included? Installing Boost with MinGW (so far) is a bit of a pain,
and it could save people some time. The rest of the instructions were well
written and concise.

You do not have to install boost: the boost headers used by Kicad are included in Kicad sources.

I'm even thinking it might be useful to include some info on doxygen and
how to setup something like Code::Blocks for KiCad. I'm in the process of
figuring all this out anyway - I could document it if there's any interest?
Maybe it would help people jumping in?


For my info, what is the interest about using Code::Blocks for Kicad ?
Kicad comes with Cmake makefiles and needs only cmake (and mingw/msys of course) to be built. Using only cmake and mingw/msys (which includes gcc) helps compatibility with other platforms, which all have cmake and gcc available.
The less platform specific, the best.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS