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The developer mailing list did not work in my case


Jean-Pierre and Wayne, you have let me know that the root of the problem is I was silent about my intentions.

The short review of what happened:

1) [31 Aug 2008]: https://lists.launchpad.net/kicad-developers/msg01689.html
"> ...
> I think, for users, better to have something than nothing!
> Is it required to have a different homepage for pcad2kicad?
> May be better to integrate it directly in to the KiCad?
> ...
> Igor Plyatov

Would anybody object if PCAD to KiCad converter were integrated to KiCad?
Alexander Lunev"

2) Dick Hollenbeck wrote: "No objection from me."

So only Dick responded. It was clear to me that nobody disagreed.

Unfortunately the long break took place here.

3) [08 Jun 2012]: I started to rewrite pcad2kicad from Delphi to c++.

4) [10 Jun 2012]: https://lists.launchpad.net/kicad-developers/msg08429.html
Alexander Lunev wrote: "Hi. Would you add me to the team?"

5) [11 Jun 2012]: https://lists.launchpad.net/kicad-developers/msg08435.html
Alexander Lunev wrote: "I had been granted a write permission to Kicad SVN repository since 2008. At the same time I was involved to pcad2kicad project and added polygons support. pcad2kicad is mostly written in Delphi. It was agreed to rewrite pcad2kicad in C++ in order to integrate it into Kicad and provide the opportunity for more people to be involved in the developing process.
Unfortunately, since that time both the former of pcad2kicad and I had had no spare time to continue the development. But now I have just started to develop a new device and I want to use Kicad for that. So I need to convert some libraries into Kicad and decided to resume my plans with pcad2kicad converter. That is why I created the pcad2kicad branch that you noticed some days ago.

P.S. Several weeks ago I tried to find Kicad project in old locations, firstly on the sourceforge.net Wiki. But there are some issues. As I understood, Kicad developing group was removed from Yahoo and I do not know why. I think I missed much. And now I see that Kicad is on Launchpad and Bazaar repo is used where I have not got the write permission. So there are many surprises to me."

No reaction except Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo.

6) [15 Jun 2012]: I completed rewriting pcad2kicad from Delphi to c++ and fixed the main bug concerning the recursion. At this point pcad2kicad was ready to use. I requested merge with lp:kicad.

7) [24 Jun 2012]: I received Wayne's respond:
"PCAD import support would be a welcome addition to KiCad but I am not thrilled about adding another stand alone executable to KiCad. My preference would be to add a PCAD plug-in to Pcbnew..."

8) [25 Jun 2012]: I asked Wayne: "What about translating P-Cad libraries?"
No reaction.

9) [27 Jun 2012]: I decided to agree and started to rewrite pcad2kicad to make it Pcbnew plugin.

10) [07 Jul 2012]: I published eeschema-plugin blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kicad/+spec/eeschema-plugin and assigned Jean-Pierre as an approver: "This Eeschema plug-in is necessary to support new ones such as Eagle, P-Cad and other plug-ins for Eeschema. It is supposed that the Eeschema plug-in mechanism needs to be very similar to the one implemented in Pcbnew."
No reaction.

11) I continued trying to agree with Wayne and Jean-Pierre fulfilling their ideas again and again. Every time I tried to believe that all will be OK.

12) 6 months passed and at last Jean-Pierre merged pcad2kicadpcb to lp:kicad!
For some unknown to me reason pcad2kicadsch is still not merged into lp:kicad!
Today is 15 May, 2013.
Moreover, still there is not a write access to lp:kicad!

The same ignoring situation is with GOST-doc-gen and the component manager.

I have ultimately stopped hoping anything positive from the team.


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