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Re: The developer mailing list did not work in my case


Le 15/05/2013 01:35, Shane Volpe a écrit :
I to want to voice my disappointment in not having the schematic portion
merged.  If there are problems please clearly list them so others can fix

Pcad2kicad was finalized in march 2013, and made compatible with the Pcbnew plugin mechanism to include importers. The pcb converter was integrated in pcbnew and tested :bugs and other issues fixed by Alexander (thanks to Alexander). and i was able to include it just in time in the stable release (march 2013 for the first version.)

A stable version take some time to be fully finalized: Doc update, libs update, bug fixes, and so on... (and is not fully finalized) The schematic portion was postponed, because I did not have a chance to test it, and the stable version (and other fixes in testing version) took me some time.

Note: we have feedback from users/developers only for the Eagle importer.

Therefore: no feedback from users or developers, not a lot of time to test the schematic converter (currently I do not have pcad schematic files for a fast test), and no Eeschema importer mechanism lead me we have some time to merge it (and to write a doc or enhance the readme to use it). It also can be left as an external tool, because the Pcad2kicad schematic converter is freely accessible.

It can be used/tested even it is not included in the current kicad version.
Your disappointment certainly means you need this converter, and therefore your are able to test it, send us a schematic/lib file for tests and enhance the readme (if needed).

the GOST-doc-gen is an other story.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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