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Re: Patch for hand-modifiable issue date


On 5/21/2013 12:16 PM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
> On Sun, May 19, 2013 at 08:20:18PM +0200, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
>> The native control uses the numeric format; it's easily tried using the
>> samples/widget demo in the wx distribution (and BTW it only supports the
>> default format, trying a change triggers an asserts)
> Here, second try: as planned wx 2.9 uses the locale long format; results
> of course *will* vary but at least it's using whatever the system knows
> as 'user preference'. It's nice that the default for a datepicker is the
> current date, no initialisation had to be done!
> The dialog layout could be better... I don't know why the button is so
> big for only two characters in it; suggestions on how to fix the layout
> will be appreciated (this is my first UI work with wx...)


This patch failed to apply cleanly against r4158.  When you get a chance
please update your repo, fix the conflicts, and resubmit this patch so I
can do some testing.