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Re: About the new Pl_Editor tool.


Le 24/07/2013 12:44, Константин Барановский a écrit :
I created the Page Layouts for GOST.


But not resolved two things:


And finally - for the lines that go beyond the "Page margins" does not
feature repeat the item.

Repeat items are drawn only if they are contained in the allowed area,
therefore inside the area defined by the paper size minus the margins.
this is a normal behavior (otherwise the margins are useless)

Explain by a concrete example:

for sheet with size 297x420 mm (A3 landscape) I set margins 8:5:5:5
(L:R:T:B) and got page's area with size 287x407 mm. Then I add line
(segm30) with properties:

origin for pos&end: lower left
pos x-y: 0-287 (upper left border of allowed area)
end x-y: 0-167
repeat count: 2

but line was not repeated. When I looked closer, I'll see that the start of
the line (0:287) is a little beyond the allowed area. I think that this is
due to rounding in the conversion from mm to mils.
I see two solutions: the first - fix the conversion from mm to mil
(better), the second - to allow the repetition of the lines outside the
allowed area.

Internally, Pl_Editor uses 0.001 mm.
However, for historical reasons, page sizes are internally defined in mils.

I removed useless conversions between mils en microns, which fixes your issue (these conversions created a page smaller than the real size).

I am reluctant to display repeated items outside the page area, because there are some cases where one can use repeat items, without knowledge of the page size (in fact, usually page layouts not dependent on the page size) . The best way is to fix the repeat parameter value for the largest size, and the drawing routines will remove extra items for smaller sizes.
This is the case of grid references, for instance.

2. For the title in the old frame GOST was implemented word wrap, which did
not fit within the specified limits. PageLayout editor does not has this
opportunity. I would like to get this capability for text (because it is
implemented in the source code for the GOST frame).

Baranovskiy Konstantin

I'll have a look to this.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS