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Re: Kicad Tool Framework


On 08/10/2013 11:34 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

The other thing about your work is that it is important, very important.

The push and shove router is something I could have used today.  Whatever confidence I
used to have in freerouter is gone.  It is not working for me very well on this current
board, and I am frustrated to no end with it and the lack of support now.

Hoping for a better solution,
I don't know if mine will be better - AFAIK Alfons has much, much more experience writing EDA software, and there is no literature at all on interactive PCB routing algorithms. As of now, my P&S can shove/walkaround tracks and place vias. Its results are not as clean as in the Freerouter (pads sometimes have ugly breakouts which have to be fixed by hand, shoved traces sometimes have right/acute-angled corners, etc.).


Before it's really useful I need dragging tracks/vias and loop removal, and of course few tons of bugs to fix (memory leaks, occasional segfaults and geometry errors). It's also awfully slow on larger boards because of no spatial indexing (but at least the GUI itself is not sluggish, fortunately wx is not Swing/SWT :D ).

I'll commit the initial version as soon as the bugs are fixed and I have written the tool for pcbnew. I don't want to give any specific dates, it only depends on the amount of my spare time, current workload and the weather on weekends :)


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