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Github part footprint filenames



Apparently I was living under a bit of a rock until today when I
created a few test footprints with the new 'pretty' file format. I
tried to find some documentation about the approach but it seems clear
from discussion in the github thread and this testing that the idea is
one part footprint per-file, and use of the new s-expression format. I
was wondering though why this format isn't the default yet? I have a
June stable build.

So I was trying to figure out how we might name files that were stored
in github. If we begin by assuming that pcbnew will use github
directly, how should part footprints be named? Does the name inside of
the footprint override the name in the filesystem, in the library

I'm trying to figure out how we can have kicad use the blob sha. Doing
so would let us avoid issues where the filename was the same but the
content differed.


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